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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life in the OG

One of the things I love thinking about with the Order of the Garter is the slightly uncomfortable effect of dressing up. The Queen's recent encounter with Annie Liebovitz touched this nerve; and there is always something "lunatic" about the Order and its pageantry (the word is the Duke of Edinburgh's).

So I was delighted when C sent me this link to a bunch of pictures of Prince William's recent investiture with the Order, with this wonderful moment of abashedness across the young Prince's face:

There is also a lovely shot of some royal women, and Prince Harry, who aren't members of the Order, smiling and waving at the others: is there a soup├žon of mockery in those smiles?

I'm also fascinated in Baroness Thatcher's dress, very similar to the gown the Queen and Princess Anne wear under their Garter robes. Has this become, by default, the women's Garter uniform? In August, I start writing my chapter on dress and fashion and costume in the Order: will need this photo again then!


highlyeccentric said...

What a strange get-up!

I perused the Wikipedia description of the outfit, but remain puzzled as to what the long curtain tie things in the front are...

Also, do they not wear the blue riband when wearing full ceremonial dress?

Pavlov's Cat said...

That photo of William is very telling. Remember how his mother used to make that exact same face? But he's got his father's nasty weaselly little too-close-together eyes.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Actually, he looks like that young Edward VIII as well!