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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where should we stay in NYC?

Here's a question for anyone who knows NYC. Where should we stay for our month, over April-May.

I have quotes for several furnished apartments (all facilities sound ok, with doorman, etc.). What would be nicer? safer? more fun?

West 77th, near central park, opposite museum of natural history?
East 44th, between 1st and 3rd (two options here).
East 32nd, between Madison and Park (more expensive, but might be the nature of that particular agency)

I quite like the thought of being close to the New York public library. Wherever we go will be small, so I plan to work in the library in the mornings. I'm hoping also to have visiting library rights at NYU.

Any advice welcome!


Clare said...

Clare Monagle here, w77th, definitely, near Zabars, one of the best delis in the whole world.

Lawrence said...

I too vote W. 77th --stay near park if possible! Subways will get you to NYPL, NYU etc. Upper West side is lovely.

Mary Kate Hurley said...

And here's another vote for Upper West Side! That area near the park is really gorgeous.

McDuck said...

AND we'd be near central park! Come on, mum, the vote is unanimous!!

Stephanie Trigg said...

Done! thanks, all,


Alison said...

West 77th would be best of the ones you mention... I'm a big fan of the village, chelsea etc too: you can find places there (and anywhere in NYC through this site:


I've used them before (and a friend has too) and they are very good.

I'm envious: a whole month in one of my favourite cities in the world!


Stephanie Trigg said...

Thanks, Alison, I checked that website and it looked great, but a bit more expensive than the agency I've found. Mind you, I've now seen the photos of the 77th st apartment and it is, of course, tiny. But then, who goes to NYC to stay at home for a month anyway???

Alison said...

Absolutely! Hope you have a wonderful time - April/May should be beautiful weather. Ooh, I am soooo envious!

Dr. Virago said...

Sounds like you've decided on West 77th, but I wanted to chime in, too, in particular as someone who lived on B'way between 76th and 77th and whose sister lived on E. 33rd near Lexington...

*Definitely* go for the W. 77th address. The UWS has much more day-to-day amenities in walking distance than midtown, which feels rather ghostly empty after the work day hours. (Well, things may have changed, but in the 90s it was that way.)

WhatLadder said...

Oooh! Get my brother to take you to lunch (he is living in NY and commuting to Princeton). We are trying to get to NY to visit him this spring, but it looks like we won't quite be there at the same time as you are.