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Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm not on Facebook or MySpace or Twitter, but

...but I can still upload the butterfly that accompanies my contribution to the Amnesty campaign on behalf of the so-called "comfort women" of WWII. If you follow the prompts at the link below, you can add your own butterfly to your site, and if it's on facebook, or myspace or twitter, Amnesty will then be able to track and count contributions.

This is the Amnesty message:

In the year 2009, you'd think governments would have well and truly faced the atrocities of World War II. But there remains a group of living, breathing survivors whose suffering has never been officially acknowledged; whose full stories remain buried under layers of shame and outright denial by those responsible.

Up to 200,000 women and girls were subject to repeated rapes and beatings in 'comfort stations' throughout much of Asia Pacific, including South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and East Timor. As the survivors near the end of their lives, time is running out.

Will you create your own beautiful message of solidarity and support for these courageous survivors? They have endured more than 60 years without so much as an adequate apology - let alone compensation - from the Japanese government.

Please click here to join Amnesty International's campaign:



Stephanie Trigg

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