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Monday, April 19, 2010

To break one wrist is unfortunate; to break two...

No, not J (though I have been hearing many stories about people breaking both wrists in bike accidents). J's going ok; and able to make surprisingly rich sounds on the piano with one hand. But the band was booked into a recording studio next Saturday to make an audition recording for a week-long jazz intensive — run by the Juilliard jazz school — at Trinity college in July. Unfortunately, the drummer is also a rugby player, and has strained a ligament in his left arm. P took a photo of the band after rehearsal on Saturday — now with two boys concealing their slings and bandages of outrageous fortune.

There is something about being adolescent and male and feeling invulnerable, on the bike or the rugby field, that's not all that compatible with having musical ambitions at the same time... They've deferred the studio booking for a few days, but they are losing percentage all the time, so I doubt this will be their best performance.

New suggested names for the band?

The Band Who Hurt Too Much (Melbourne ref: The Band Who Knew Too Much).

Any others?


Anonymous said...

Walking Wounded

The Band-aged Boys

More to follow.

- Stephen in Sydney

Stephanie Trigg said...

Band-aged Boys is brilliant!

Ceirseach said...

Looks Like Carelessness?

Karl Steel said...

[name goes here] & The Part Breakers
(maybe Tom Petty puns don't fly down South?)

WhatLadder said...

Must be something in the ether. My daughter broke a finger last week. Not an IMPORTANT finger, unless you are a violin player. And, oh, yeah, unless you were supposed to do a ballet exam.