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Friday, May 06, 2011

One for the protocol office.

As my book edges ever closer to the precipice of entering final copy-editing, the lovely Caroline has emailed me wondering whether we should flag the mentions of Prince William and Kate Middleton in my book for updating. What a nice problem to have? We'll have to work out the protocol of referring to them before they became Duke and Duchess and all.

And ... can I just say about all that stuff about tradition and modernity in The Dress, and the Duchess's bringing of a new fresh modernity into the institution of the monarchy ... that this has been the dominant discourse of the royal family for at least a good sixty years. I'm just saying: read my final chapter!


elsewhere said...

Can hardly wait!

Alison said...

Hi Stephanie, there's a convention that's used quite often in writing about judges, who often are elevated to positions higher than they were at the time they issued the judgment that one's discussing etc. And so an article might say 'Lord Diplock (as he then was)...'. Perhaps you could say 'Kate Middleton (as the Duchess of Cambridge then was)...'?
Best, Alison