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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gotta love those girls - and Antony Green

Spent a happy twenty minutes last night ordering my Maxine13 t-shirt, courtesy Ampersand Duck and Crazybrave. Gotta love those girls, all three of them!

Note to OS readers: Maxine McKew is former ABC journalist who has knocked out the PM from his own seat, although she has (graciously?) not yet claimed victory and he has (churlishly?) not yet conceded defeat. With three year terms, we reckon Kevin Rudd (his t-shirt was Kevin07) can have two, and then it'll be the turn of Maxine (she of the razor-sharp mind and the beatific smile on election night) to move into The Lodge in 2013. A side note: it'll be interesting to chart the Ruddster's transition from the rock-star reception at high schools, and the cheerful first-name address to the gravitas of the Prime Ministerial office. About as long, perhaps, as it's going to take some journalists to stop referring to John Howard as the PM.

Here's the ABC's call of the card, with 81.7% of the vote counted, as of this morning, after preferences, giving Maxine the seat by 51.6% to 48.4, a swing of 5.8%. It was certainly close, with the Greens vote down by 10%, where the ALP depended on Green preferences in lots of other seats to get them over the line. I didn't realise you can also do your own scrutiny, booth by booth, of votes: here are the Bennelong results.

And I've just discovered Antony Green's blog, whose first entry on November 16 uses encouraging words like "after resisting for a long time", "a terrible sense of ennui", "up to my armpits" and "hopefully interesting information". Wonder why this didn't catch on last week. Especially with such a cute photograph...


Anthony said...

If Krudd only lasts a term, there's always the wonderful Penny Wong waiting in the wings. You can see where this is heading: Pen10

Zoe said...

Yep, you'll find that anyone who recognises what the shirt is saying will come up and explain that it's wrong ...

And Anthony, must have two syllables, I'm afraid.

Stephanie Trigg said...

But if it feels so right, how can it be w(r)ong?

And surely Anthony gets marks for trying... It made me laugh, anyway.

David Thornby said...

Wish I'd found Antony Green's blog before the election. From a brief scan it looks like it would have been very useful pre-election. I don't know that I found his 'terrible sense of ennui' exactly encouraging though. I constantly struggle for motivation, so to find out that even the intellectual electoral information dynamo Antony Green is suffering from terrible ennui, well, it doesn't offer me a lot of hope for improvement in my own efforts.

The excess of both talent and electability at the top of the Labor heap at the moment (a lot of it, sad as I am to admit it, due to the 'celebrity' candidates) inclines me to worry that there might be a devil of a fight for the PM-ship if and when Kevin leaves while still in office. I hope they can keep it nice.