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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Archiving collective memory: Once and Future Medievalism

In 2004, we held a little conference at Melbourne: Once and Future Medievalism. Selected papers from the conference were edited by Philip Thiel for antiTHESIS online, the web-based arm of our most excellent, fully refereed, co-operatively run interdisciplinary graduate journal, antiTHESIS. In the nature of an annually-changing co-operative, however, it's a bit hard for the collective to retain its collective memory, and for a while these papers weren't available.

They have now been archived by the National Library, however, and if you follow this link you'll be directed to Philip's intro. and the table of contents. If this link doesn't work, go here and put "antiTHESIS" in the search box.

It's great to look at these essays again, and see the tremendous range of things it's possible to study as medievalism. Most of the titles are self-explanatory, but readers interested in video games are directed to Darshana's essay. And check out the afterword that John Ganim wrote for the collection:

Once and Future Medievalism - Stephanie Trigg

Translator as Navigator: Two medieval texts in the Tudor court - Hope Johnston

Historical reconstruction or imaginative recreation? The nineteenth-century approach to the early medieval - Pamela O'Neill

Competing Medievalisms: Walter Scott, James Hogg and chivalry - Graham Tulloch

Holy Wars: British medievalist fictions as cultural struggle - Andrew Lynch

Enlightening the 'Other': western rhetoric, violence and the 'medievalised' third world - Sashi Nair

Medievalism and Sorority: The Princess Ida Club - Helen Hickey

The 'Medievalism' of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ - Lisa MacKinney

How Fiction Writers Use the Middle Ages - Gilliam Polack

Solving the Middle Ages: contemporary anxiety and the medieval murder mystery - Philip Thiel

The Once and Future Emblematic - Darshana Jayemanne

Once and Future Medievalism: A Belated Afterword - John Ganim

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