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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Holiday photos

We took heaps of photos on the Great North-East Victorian Bike Ride: these will give an idea of the celestial blue skies; the sumptuous meals; and the historical immersion into the 1870s we accomplished in five days.

The bike paths are built over disused train lines. Occasionally, they have built bike-oriented rest stops in the shape of old trains.

Mostly the paths are through open country, but sometimes the bush has closed over the tracks, and this is when it was most beautiful.

Sometimes the path went alongside farmlands, and we stopped once to feed long juicy grass to horses. All you St Louisians will recognise my St Louis Cardinals World Series Champions 2006 t-shirt. Go Cards!

We saw other animals, too, though they were often too quick to be photographed: a little lizard; an Aesopian crow flying off with a big wedge of cheese in its mouth; and two snakes. One was black with a red belly, slithering serenely across the path; another mottled one that Joel rode over, and that then reared up as we passed by, shuddering.

As we came into Bright, we saw this irresistible sign:

And at Beechworth, the buildings are made of silver white granite that goes golden as it ages.

Here is Ned Kelly's death mask in the Burke Museum at Beechworth:

And from the sublime to the ridiculous:

And here is the magnificent breakfast Joel ate at the old Butter factory at Myrtleford at the beginning of our last day's riding.

You would think it would keep him going; and so it did: all the way to Everton, where he had a meat pie for morning tea.


Zoe said...

What beautiful eyes your boy has! What a wonderful trip, very jealous. I hope to follow in your wheel-rut one day ;)

Suse said...

You've just inspired me for a future holiday with our three boys.

Looks wonderful.

Pavlov's Cat said...

This is such a gorgeous post, and the pics are fabulous. The aforementioned Clare Valley Riesling Trail has that very beautiful tunnel-of-green effect too, as if you were disappearing down some magical path on some magical journey.

And is that spinach I see? Some European hybrid of Full English Breakfast and Eggs Florentine?

Stephanie Trigg said...

Zoe and Suse, yes, I could easily have gone for longer. And we saw lots of younger kids on little bikes doing segments of the journey, and once a van that had clearly brought all the bikes to a meeting place (Everton?) so you might be able to do it in a semi-supported way with younger children.

Zoe, I agree about J - and then get nervous about posting photos on the blog...

PC, indeed it is spinach. It was billed on the menu as "eggs with the lot", so the sausage and bacon, etc. were the side accompaniments to the eggs.