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Saturday, June 27, 2009

'58 babies

Of the three famous '58 babies — Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson — it's Prince who's always had my heart. It's Prince whose music I've bought most often; and it's Prince whom I've actually seen in concert.

But I grew up listening to the Jackson Five, and that sweet clear voice out front.

Last night there were three other '58 babies, one a few years older, and two '95 babies in the house. We didn't watch the Italian movie as planned; instead, we alternated between So You Think You Can Dance, and the Essendon-Carlton game (which was meant to be a blockbuster between the two evenly-matched old rivals, except that my Bombers blitzed Paul's Carlton, doubling their score in front of 83,000 at the MCG: good work, lads!), and then a stupid doco on Jackson, so terrible we turned it off.

It says something about Michael Jackson, though, that all six of us then started practising the moonwalk, with the help of socks on floorboards, as our mirror family slowly edged (backwards) towards the front door. And something about the capacity of this death to mirror our own mortality and frighten us into laughter, when Peter made a wicked joke about how Jackson's pallbearers might also moonwalk backwards. Surrounded by our loved ones, all I could do was laugh myself to tears.

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Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, I thought of you and your birthday yesterday when I was thinking about the news. I have a theory that it was the death of Michael Hutchence, a 1960 baby, that may have been the germ of Breath by Tim Winton, also a 1960 baby. And as for me and Oprah and John Malkovich ...

"practising the moonwalk, with the help of socks on floorboards, as our mirror family slowly edged (backwards) towards the front door."

Heh. As I read this I could see it as clearly as if it were happening in front of me.

WV is 'londumb', but one hopes not.