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Friday, June 25, 2010

A momentous day

OK, so the circumstances look a little like electoral panic, but what a neat photo (following Pavlov's Cat's similiar image) is this? For non-locals, here are our first female governor-general and our first female prime minister:

I would normally have been transfixed to the computer or the television as events unfolded yesterday, but was on a plane to Perth then in a meeting, a lunch, and then a mock interview; then back on a plane. I caught brief glimpses of talking heads in airport lounges; and the pilot announced the news on the way over (I thought the plane might have burst into applause, but no response, really). I can't help feeling a bit excited, as Gillard seems smart, tough, level-headed.  But then I felt excited when Rudd was elected, too.

Seems hard to believe Rudd had painted himself into such a tight corner as the events of the last few days seemed to suggest, but so it obviously seemed to some one. It's going to be fascinating watching a Gillard-Abbot election...

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Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

It might not be a Gillard-Abbott election. He might implode.